July 26th, 2008

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Cake Contest!

Yes, once again it's time to report on the awesome Cake Contest! This year's Theme was "Going Green." I arrived just after the Presentation of the Cake Entries started, so I missed descriptions on the first half of the cakes. But here's a composite of the cake table, which will take you to the Flickr photoset, where you can see larger images.
Cake Contest 2008
Click to See Flickr Photoset.

I didn't take notes, but the winners (as I remember them) are the Triangle Flower cake for Best Looking, Worm/Apple Cake for Best Tasting (although I preferred the Lemon Cake), All Natural Cake for Best Theme, and Dr. M's Green Eggs and Ham Cake for Most Creative.

I had fun, but not wanting the repercussions of wheat and sugar consumption, only had about three bites of cake this year. Still, I got to talk with TJ, which is always enjoyable, and hear about her new job and the script she's been pitching. Perhaps next year I will come out of semi-retirement and compete. But for now, I'm happy to let other people win. ;-)
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Uncle Evan Learns Things So You Don't Have To

Imagine you're hurrying to leave for work on a Friday morning. When you accidentally spill a bunch of Odorless Garlic Tablets across the counter and several go into the sink and land in dishes being left to soak, you decide to deal with them later (It's not as if you're more likely to consume them if you scoop them out from the grungy water right away, or a day later, you know?).

So then you're washing dishes on Saturday morning, and you discover that Odorless Garlic Tablets dissolve pretty well in water. And the reason they're Odorless is not because the manufacturer has removed all the garlicky aroma, but because the tablet keeps it all in. Until it's dissolved. Right now, you could close your eyes in my apartment and it's like being magically transported to Gilroy, California (I'm sorry if that image makes you cry too).

Lesson Learned: The IT world is not ready for Consultants to use Professional Names in the style of Magicians and Clowns, so my box of 1,000 "The Amazing Evan" business cards is pretty much a waste.
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