May 6th, 2008

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Just Some Thoughts

I forgot that Cinco de Mayo was on the 5th this year, so I did nothing to prepare. I have a great recipe for slow-roasted piñata, but all the good ones* were snapped up weeks ago. Perhaps next year...

May is busy. Life’s frenetic enough when working full time and assembling three comics and a Newsletter each week, but now I’ve added in Vote Incentive Comics (I still need to produce nine per week to keep up), advancing my novel draft and trying to prepare a play-ready dungeon (for D&D, not any other kind of play). So you can see why I wasn’t interested in wasting a lot of time at the DMV over the weekend. If I start now, I might figure out what I want to for my birthday by the time it happens.

* You know, the Organic, Free-Range piñatas. Much better than those factory-farmed ones.
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