April 19th, 2008

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Movie Meme

1. Pick 15 a bunch of your favorite movies favorite movie quotes.
2. Select a quote from IMDB and post it Post them in your LJ.
3. Cross off when someone guesses it correctly. Add notes as desired.

You know it’s really hard for me to do a meme as written. Instead of picking fifteen of my favorite movies, I chose movie quotes that I really like, and there were 17 of them. And even though there are a great many wonderful lines from “Princess Bride,” “Airplane,” and the Monty Python movies, I’m avoiding the most obvious movie choices, so there will be a degree of actual challenge to this game. If you play by the Rules, don't look these up on IMDB (but if you do, be aware that sometimes IMBD doesn't have them, or has them WRONG (although I admit some are from memory, and I might have it wrong)) or other Internet search. Mostly, these quotes are chosen because they’re lines that have stuck with me; they’re the snippets that I think of when I remember these films. Most of them are selected because they’re really funny, but some because they’re a particularly great moment. Most of these quotes are pretty short, so I’ll be surprised if even half of these can be identified without people looking them up on the Internet. Good luck!

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