April 6th, 2008

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And It Was Full of Awesome

Saturday I did not go to the 24-Hour Comic event at Cosmic Monkey, because it seemed much better to stay in my pajamas all day and make Vote Incentive comics. So I did. It was an excellent plan, although it took ALL DAY to do twenty comics. That's a third of what I need for May, so I feel a lot farther ahead than I was.

Sunday, went hiking with sanguinity and grrlpup! Actually took TWO walks; one with L to placate him, then we non-canines went up Council Crest, leaving him at home. Took photos (some can be viewed here). Then: Second Breakfast! It was great. Then back home, to assemble Monday's comic, and watch some Futurama. Why can't my weekdays be more like this?
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