March 16th, 2008

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Not A Waste, After All!

I woke up on Saturday with a thumping headache. Since I felt useless all of last weekend, I was afraid that would mean this weekend was going to be shot, too, and that vexed me. I tested a theory that the megrim was caused by Friday's pies (Cottage Pie and Sweet Potato Pie (both delicious) for Pi Day, provided by sanguinity), by eating the leftover pie for lunch. I actually felt better in the afternoon, so the pie did not seem to be the culprit, much to my relief. BILJ let me know that drarwenchicken was feeling headachy too, so I think the trigger was weather-related (of course, one always wonders if it's Carbon Monoxide, but the household CO monitor was comfortingly quiet). The best parts of the day (other than the aforementioned pie) were getting Monday's comic assembled and going for a walk with sanguinity and L. We only got rained on a little bit.

Sunday, I got up and thought "Oh my god! I actually feel... good! Of course, I then looked about and saw all of the things I hadn't gotten to doing. That was depressing. But I made a pretty good show of it. Designed cards to hand out at Stumptown Comics Fest next month, and sent off an order. Went to Mill Ends and found an eighth of a yard of bright red fabric on the remnants table, which cost: 12¢. (Struth!)

I then modified an action figure's SWAT uniform to be an Evil Scout uniform, including a red neckerchief from my triumphant fabric purchase. I'm quite pleased with how it came out, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday to see it in the comic.

Until then, have a good Cybernetic-American Awareness Day on Monday!
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