January 10th, 2008

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As I walked back inside to BHFT after Wednesday's lunch-time walk, my thoughts drifted to those awkward moments when you can't remember someone's name. And about a minute later, I realized a woman crossing the busy atrium floor was giving me the "Don't I Know You?" look. And indeed she did; both J_____ and I worked at PTI a bunch of years ago (in case you're wondering: I did remember her name, so no awkwardness on my part). Small World, and interesting timing.

Sleep Report
I've quit coffee (again), but not caffeine, yet. I'm at 200 mg/day, and will reduce that in increments over the next couple months. I've been pretty good at getting eight hours of sleep each night this month. Well, I've been good about turning out the light right around 9:00. I can't say that I always fall asleep promptly. Or that I never wake up at odd hours. There have been a number of mornings when I wake up 30-45 minutes before my alarm goes off, and can't go back to sleep. If you're wondering; I disapprove.

Everybody's Health and the Weather: XTREME
A tornado in Washington? Seriously, WTF?
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