January 6th, 2008

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I'm Worried About My Cat

Kato* is sick. She's been having trouble getting around, and isn't interested in food and water. Apparently there's a virus going around that can cause these symptoms, and the worst risk is for geriatric pets getting dehydrated. Kato got an injection of fluids (not like one needs an entire IV bag when one is a small cat) right before the weekend, and she doesn't seem to be getting worse.

It's a little surprising to think of her as geriatric. But she's at least seventeen years old, which puts her firmly in the "Senior Cat" range. So as they say, we are preparing ourselves, just in case.

My Kato is a sweet, adorable cat, and I hope she's better soon.

*For those of you just joining this program, I have three cats. Two are made of wood and live with me. Kato is a standard cat, but she lives with oh_that_jocelyn in Vermont.
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