December 25th, 2007

Evan Christmas

Festive Seasonal Holiday of Your Choice!

For the past three days, I've celebrated the holidays by being alone. I know; that's the Cultural Icon of Abject Misery ("You're ALONE on the holidays! Oh noes!!"). Lest you worry: It's been GREAT!

I did some grocery shopping and tidying up, but mostly my activities have been chosen based on asking "What do I feel like doing now?" That's turned out to be mostly playing computer games, surfing the web and watching movies. No schedule, no obligations, no expectations. Just me.

These days of solitude have been like hitting the Reset Button. I can think about stepping back on the Escalator of Comic and Newsletter Activities with anticipation, not anxiety. I'm still enjoying both, but having this Down Time keeps me from burning out on them.

The best part is, I still have a week before I return to BHFT! This self-imposed solitude might drive my more gregarious friends crazy, but I know some of you are having envious thoughts. I'll try not to gloat too much...

Whatever cultural traditions you observe, I hope you receive what nourishes and invigorates you, so you can head into the New Year with excitement and joy! Happy Holidays!
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