November 16th, 2007

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Friday: PTRU

♦ 05:55 AM – Checked the Friday Five questions this morning, as if I’d have time to write anything. Wishful thinking. Didn’t like the questions. Nor for Alt Friday Five, nor Friday Fiver.
♦ 09:57 AM – Starting to feel like I understand this sprawling, messy program I’m trying to create change specs for... Or at least, I recognize landmarks, which is much better than where I was a couple weeks ago.
♦ 12:30 PM – Well, looks like I had time to write a LJ post after all.
♦ 01:14 PM – Some days, the Empty Meaninglessness of Life doesn’t bother me. Some days, it does.
♦ 05:05 PM – Walking in the rain just isn't as much fun.
♦ 07:00 PM – Dude Night!
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