November 15th, 2007

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Tuesday: Back at BHFT

Saturday: Sunny and Temperate.
Sunday: Sunny and Temperate.
Monday: Gusty Wind and Pouring Rain. And Cold.
Tuesday: Sunny and Temperate.

Of course, Monday was the day that sanguinity, grrlpup and I planned to do a late-morning walk. I packed my rain gear, figuring that True Oregonians wouldn't have a problem with the rain. But when I stepped outside, I realized I wasn't quite ready for the first wet, cold and blustery walk of winter. Fortunately, sanguinity and grrlpup were enough of a similar mind, so we went in search of Second Breakfast instead. Despite most suitable places being closed on Mondays, we ended up at the oddly-named "Sewickly Addition" at the corner of SE 49th and Hawthorne, which turned out to be quite adequate. Their menu is basic jentacular* fare, but their Special was Pumpkin Pancakes, which were rather tasty. The coffee was a bit off, but the place wasn't crowded and was reasonably agreeable for chatting. If I'd known all this earlier, I could have made it a regular Second Breakfast location.

When one considers the weather patterns described above, the only logical conclusion is that the Universe set that storm front in motion solely to ensure that we didn't go walking, and did end up having Second Breakfast and talking for a couple hours, despite the obvious inconvenience the rain and wind caused millions of other people. Yes, it's all about me.

* Isn't "jentacular" a fabulous word? Sanguinity introduced me to it. I will endeavor to use it frequently, in association with my Favorite Early-Morning Meal.
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Wednesday PTRU

♦ 04:50 AM Woke up with thumping headache. Weather, or too much pie? (But it was Vegan!)
♦ 10:21 AM Got an email from a BHFT colleague, saying that one task I’d been working on had been obviated by an email someone sent two days ago. I wasn’t on the ‘cc’ list. That would have been good.
♦ 11:05 AM In a meeting. Headache not going away.
♦ 12:20 PM The warning signs below the ropes for the building’s window washers read “DANGER PEOPLE WORKING ABOVE.” It must be cool to be one of the Danger People.
♦ 02:12 PM While revising a specifications document for another team member, even though it was outside the scope of my task, I changed all of the occurrences of “replace ‘057’ by ‘013’” to “replace ‘057’ with ‘013’”. That seems the proper usage for the imperative. English Majors?
♦ 04:15 PM There are only two types of people in the world: Those who don’t get Dadaism, and spaghetti bathtub helmet.
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