November 7th, 2007

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It Could Have Happened

This morning when I was chatting online with sanguinity, and she said she wanted a word with the designer of the human body about some of its shortcomings (this is not the first time she and I have discussed this topic). Today, it got me thinking about Evolution, and how our bodies have developed to do things that weren’t part of the original design, and it occurred to me: We’re the products of a million years of Scope Creep.

Okay, it’s funnier if you have a Systems Development or Project Management background.

But that led to me contemplating what a conversation would have been like in the Divine Design Lab, where God is more like the Pointy-Haired Boss, and the actual Intelligent Designer is an Angel Bio-Engineer. (If you think this might be blasphemy, don’t worry; I ran it by God, and He thought it was totally funny.)

Divine Design Lab Scenario, behind a Cut...Collapse )
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