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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

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I Hate Doing It Wrong
Competence is an issue for me. Part of that is Family of Origin stuff. When part of the Tribe’s self-identity is being Smart and Capable People Who Aren’t Like The Mouth-Breathing Hordes, there’s an expectation of knowing how to do things correctly. I go on about it behind the Cut...Collapse )

Current Mood: happy/confused
Pseudo-Twitter Round-Up
♦ I was feeling bad about being so LJ-Post-Deficient, then I remembered that I’d expected to not post much during October and November. I warned y'all.
♦ My bout of the Peruvian Meteorite Mystery Illness seems to have passed. Still tired, but that’s normal.
♦ Last Friday, went for a walk with sanguinity and grrlpup. I was glad of the walk, even if some of us got cold and hungry.
♦ The belt clip for my cell phone broke. Carrying my phone around is like having a pocket watch. I’ve considered wearing a vest so I’ll have a purpose-specific pocket.
♦ Saturday, went to NaNo Kickoff. It was good to see familiar faces and be around people excited about writing a novel.
♦ Gakked from an editorial cartoon I saw: “Anarchists + $ = Libertarians.” I think Libertarians believe being a Mountain Man is the ideal existence (and hence their model for Utopia).
♦ I’m considering changing web hosts during my two-week break from the comic and newsletter.
♦ I don’t know of any musical that uses the word “Taco.”

Current Mood: brill

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