October 7th, 2007

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Just... Post... SOMETHING

*sigh* Those of you who follow the webcomic and/or receive the Newsletter know that I'm still alive. I'm actually doing pretty well, although my vigorous push to get ahead before November isn't being as successful as I'd hoped. Mainly, I've been saying "Well, I'll start in on that, but first I must get X out of the way" for several values of X (Webcomics workshop, Stumptown, etc.). The latest was a trip to DEQ to get my car checked so I could renew the registration. Since I went early on a Saturday morning, that didn't take much time. What consumed the morning was the "Since I'm out, I really should go to the grocery store too" decision and then the long conversation with drarwenchicken when our paths crossed as I arrived home. Then I had to figure out lunch, and I just couldn't stand the mass of unwashed dishes...

So, yeah. October = ((Comics x 2) + (Newsletters x 2)). November = 50K words for NaNo. See you in December!
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