September 23rd, 2007

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Two Firsts

#1. First Webcomic Workshop! It went pretty well. Somehow, most of my preparation of materials happened on Friday evening and Saturday morning, but things still came together okay. The audience was sanguinity, grrlpup and drarwenchicken. I'm very pleased to have them there; they didn't heckle me as much as they said they would and they gave feedback for improving future workshops. I wish that more people attended, though. I'm extremely grateful for the support of my friends and family, but I don't want to induce Support Fatigue or Burn-Out in anyone. My hope is that next weekend's event will earn me more local readers, who may be interested in attending workshops and ice-cream-related celebrations.

#2 . First Slashy Fanfic! To be specific, First Slashy Fanfic About Two Of My Characters Written In The Voice of Another Character... IN BINARY!! (See it here!) I bet not even that Scalzi fellow has had THAT happen! (Take that, Scalzi!) Reading the fanfic made me laugh a lot (thanks, sanguinity!), and I am pleased to have fans interested enough in my characters to write about them (which far outweighs the weirdness of having someone else writing for my characters (I'd be lying if I denied feeling that a little bit (but that's just between us, okay?))).

Now, I've got a week to prepare for another first, an exhibitor table at Stumptown Comics Fest! I'm thinking that more than just my friends will show up there...