July 15th, 2007

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Just got back from HPATOOTP. drarwenchicken suggested we go to the matinee, and I'm glad she did. It lives up to the HP consistently-awesome art direction and cinematography. I found the emotional scenes to be deftly handled, and I didn't feel bludgeoned by them. And most importantly, the story is chainsawed down from an 800-page monstrosity to a brisk 138 minutes (I know; that's not a phrase one hears often). Yes, that does mean that many scenes are cut out and others are greatly reduced. But I've long maintained that Rowling's badly in need of a stern editor, and the cinematic necessities have made that happen here. The screenwriters managed to hold onto the main story without making it feel too abbreviated, and still keep the essentials of the interpersonal dynamics. Be aware that there's no 'Our Story So Far' explanations; it launches right in and you bloody well better know who the characters are, because they're not going to tell you. No, we don't get to see enough of some of the secondary characters (like Tonks), and I am, as always, bothered by the weaknesses in Rowling's world-building.

Still, I liked it. Check it out.
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