July 6th, 2007


Wherein I Overuse The F-Word

While talking to The Librarian during the Walking Lunchtime Phone Call*, she asked what I’d done lately that was fun. My brain locked up on that. What have I done? Things like:
> A surge of organizing boxes. Satisfying, but not really fun.
> Thought about podcasting my column. Intriguing, but I haven’t done anything with that yet.
> Bought 576 sparklers. A promise of future fun…

Mostly, my Life’s been boring.

Sure, I’ve spent a bit of time visiting with Mr. TV and playing games on the computer, which are enjoyable diversions, but hardly noteworthy. About the best I could scrape up was pointing out that I’m now on the Exhibitor’s List for Stumptown Comics Fest. That’s pretty cool, but it’s not like I did anything FUN.

To be fair, I’ve got some Fun Events coming up. Next weekend is my company’s Summer Picnic at Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl, and I need someone to go with me! Want to spend an afternoon playing on the mountain? Seriously. Let me know. (I could go alone, but remember the Christmas Party? Lesson learned. Plus, I promise you won’t be Eaten By A Bear.)

The weekend after that is Faerieworlds! I’m still undecided about this. It will either be a Weekend’s Wonderful Adventure filled with Music, Magic and Meeting Very Attractive Women in Fairy Outfits, or I’ll be bored within ten minutes and regretting the drive to Eugene and back. Plus, I have to be preparing for the following week’s fun…

San Diego Comic-Con!! I guess I’m saving up my Fun Allotment for that week, because I expect it to be a Non-Stop Thrill Ride of Fun, and More Fun, and then Fun with Magical Explosions and Unicorns! I’ll probably have such a Fun Surplus, I won’t be able to have Fun again until Columbus Day.

So my life isn’t totally bland and empty. Plus, I talked to The Librarian at lunch. That was fun!

* The first time she’s ever been the recipient, actually. And there won’t be many more chances before she Goes to Sea...
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