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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, March 26th, 2007

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This Is Not A Drill!
Friday afternoon, the fire alarm went off. It was a bit hard to tell, because it wasn't the alarm on the ninth floor. And it was drowned out by the huge fans that started up at the top of the atrium (LOUD. I'd guess that they're like how the vacuum cleaner sounds to the cats; I was looking around for a couch to hide under. (I assume the fans are to vent smoke and hot gases but I bet sanguinity knows for sure.) We on the top floor had a time of indecision, and a surprising number of people ignored the roar of the fans and the faint "Whooooop! Whooooop!" of the alarm and kept working.

My rule is... (More Behind the Cut)Collapse )

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Not Fun-Sized. :-(
Saturday night: Could. Not. Sleep. Not sure why. Possibly the afternoon snack of drarwenchicken’s Going-Away Party cake from her work (Wheat-free, but NOT Sugar-free); was that enough to keep me awake until 2:00 a.m.?

Sunday I was useless. Apparently sleep-deprivation deactivates the segment of my brain that makes me decide it’s time to stop goofing off, as I spent that whole day frittering it away. I finally felt like being productive -- Monday morning, when I got out of bed after waking up at 4:00.

I think what would help the most would be to get regular exercise again; I’ve been rather erratic about it. I do go for a walk at lunch (when the weather isn’t too disagreeable), but I can’t say that those strolls are much of a workout. Perhaps a vigorous walk three days a week, between getting home from BHFT and before working on the comic/newsletter/stories. When I get home on comic-posting days, I like reading the Reader Comments. And checking my email. And some websites. The challenge is to either go walking right after that, or not turn on the computer AT ALL until I’m back from my walk. And of course, today it was pouring right right at the time I would have walked. Well, maybe tomorrow...

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