February 14th, 2007

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SATURDAY – A Walk In The Rain

I had two visits planned for today; to drop off kr8vkat & Steinway’s Baby Shower Present and to meet up with The Librarian to do something (hadn’t figured out what that would be yet). Then sanguinity and grrlpup invited us to go for a walk along the Springwater Corridor. The Librarian was up for that, so we headed out. In my defense, it was barely sprinkling when she and I arrived at sanguinity and grrlpup’s house, but by the time we all got to the trail, rain. Unquestionably rain.

So we played “Who’s A Quitter?” It’s an easy game. Everybody starts walking, and the first person to say “I’m cold and wet. Let’s go back!” loses. (It's also Bad Form to admit that the game is being played.) We walked and talked about all sorts of stuff (like Movie Physics and Whether We’ll See Any Bears), and it kept raining. And raining. We missed the turn-around point while I was explaining how the weather Really Wasn’t My Fault, and ended up going an extra half mile out. So our five-mile walk turned into a six-mile walk, but the rain actually stopped for a while on the way back.

The logical thing to do next was go for pancakes. We were all rather damp and a bit chilled, but that just made the hot beverages and pancakes with Five Kinds of Syrup taste all that much better.* By the time we left and I drove The Librarian home, it was rather late. So I decided I’d postpone my other visit to a time when my jeans weren’t clinging clammily to my legs.

Even though our walk involved a lot of precipitation, I had a really good time.

*You might be thinking that Evans really shouldn’t be eating pancakes and syrup, as they make for a rather restless night and significant grogginess the next day. You’d be right. They did. But they tasted so good!
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Sunday & Monday

Sunday: Sekktit Project Work. Then to kr8vkat & Steinway’s house to visit, which was very pleasant (she's going to have a baby! Soon!). Then home, and was back in time to go to Second Breakfast with drarwenchicken and BILJ. Then back to Project work. Part of what’s taking so long is a high degree of complexity, but I also spent quite a while just figuring out what to do. I knew I had at least a couple more hours to go when I wrapped on Sunday night after 8:00. I could have kept going, but I was tired, and starting to make mistakes. I didn’t want to waste time fixing errors, if I didn’t have to.

Monday: One of the nice things about my current contract is that I can email my Project Manager on a Monday morning and tell her that I’ll be in a couple hours later than usual, and the only downside is that I’m not getting paid for that time. So I worked on the Sekkrit Project for a while, and finished the images. I knew I wouldn’t have time on Monday evening, as I was going with sanguinity to see “Flock of Dodos,” a recent documentary on the people behind the drive to force “Intelligent Design” curriculum into Science education.

I really do believe that all people have the right their own religious beliefs. What bothers me about the Intelligent Design movement is that it’s so disingenuous. ID pretends that it’s science-based, pretends that Evolution is insufficiently supported, pretends that there’s a controversy raging about that, pretends that it’s not religiously-motivated. I admit that when someone comes right out and says "We want to introduce a religious bias to Science Education in public schools," the courts say No, so honestly isn't a winning strategy. Personally, if any religious doctrine is to be taught in Science class, I think it should be Pastafarianism.
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TUESDAY - I Do Not Find Things To Make Us Go

Tuesday: I dislike feeling Not Smart. I’ve almost finished my Sekkrit Project, except for about 150 words of commentary. Easy, right? Crank that out in about five minutes? No, I spent all day with my mind churning on it. Not that I don’t have things to say, but I need to boil it down to just the right words with just the right tone. And even knowing that I’m totally overthinking this doesn’t help. I have to send off the finished product on Wednesday. Something needs to come together soon.

So I spent the evening assembling Wednesday’s comic. As I was wrapping it up, I thought “If I push, I can finish the Newsletter before it gets too late.” But I Did. Not. Want.

At least I’ve learned that when I have strong emotional reactions like that, it’s best not to ignore them. I’ll do better, and be much happier, if I take some downtime (Stephen Covey refers to it as “Sharpening The Axe”*). So maybe I’m Not So Not Smart, after all.

*Okay, he refers to it as "Sharpening the Saw," but I like axes.
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