February 9th, 2007

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Thank God It’s Zorbleday...*

This week, mostly Work, Comic, Newsletter, Chores. Highlights:
  • For some reason, the WCCA is having a hard time emailing me my voting information. Some Big Anti-Photocomic Conspiracy?
  • Smacked my right hand into a door at BHFT. (I know; why would I want to do that?) Ice-packed it. Had to use the mouse left-handed. I don’t think anything’s broken, though.
  • Been reading Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics.” Finding that experience in theater/film/video covers a lot of the same territory. Not saying that there’s nothing for me to gain from the book, but it’s nice that my comparison between webcomics and plays is not without merit.
I want to get two comics ahead tomorrow, as I have to finish a Super Sekkrit Bonus Comic by Wednesday... More on that later!

* I know it's not really Zorbleday. I'm just amusing myself.