January 28th, 2007

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Easy Like A Sunday Morning...

Early Sunday. One of my favorite times of the week. I'm awake early, and can get caught up on blogs, newsposts and comics that I don't have time for during the rest of the week. I'll start on tomorrow's comic soon...

Yesterday I spent a couple hours websurfing and IM chatting with sanguinity (another favorite weekend-morning activity). I'd intended to work on the comic after that, but I had a great idea (well, an idea that made me snicker, which is good enough) for a Vote Incentive comic, and I HAD to assemble it then. It came together fairly quickly, but I also had to make the greeting card for kr8vkat's Baby Shower.

The Baby Shower: Fun! I can't recall ever attending a baby shower before, so I wasn't completely sure what to expect. sanguinity and grrlpup hosted, so instead of playing Silly Baby Shower Games, we talked about the Worst Silly Baby Shower Games. (Apparently grrlpup likes shower games, but she didn't complain about the lack (at least, not that I heard)). We spent the time talking (whether by circumstance or design, the group was all NaNo (our hosts, plus The Librarian and another NaNoer (the only non-Nano person was Steinway, but he was entitled to be there because he's the father (and he was very patient when we started in on Writerly Conversations))), noshing (sanguinity makes a have-to-hunt-for-your-socks-after-because-they've-been-so-knocked-off cheesecake. Seriously. I could hardly speak while eating it. Fortunately there were others in the room willing to keep the conversation going while I wasn't dominating it), and of course, the Present Opening Ritual. I think it all went very well, and I needn't have worried about not bringing a bunch of one-dollar bills because apparently Baby Showers don't involve strippers.

Après-Shower Session: When the parents-to-be left, I thought I'd hang around for a few more minutes, as did The Librarian. I figured I'd leave when either A) I got bored, or B) sanguinity and grrlpup signaled that they were ready for their guests to go home by staring at their shoes in awkward silence. Neither of those things happened as we all talked for hours. I finally decided that I should let them have their evening, and got up to go, and sanguinity deployed her Secret Weapon; she brought up my webcomic and the WCCA nominations. How can I leave when we're talking about ME?

I finally tore myself away, and devoted the rest of the evening to dinner and television, promising myself I'd spend Sunday working on the Long List of Things To Do. So now that I've finished this post, I should go do just that....
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