January 25th, 2007

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99% Done

I saw license plate 990 yesterday!* Just ten more numbers, and I’m done. The feeling reminds me of those last days of high school, after final exams are completed. There’s still a little bit to go, but I can relax and let momentum carry me across the finish line.

If any of you have a betting pool going, my overall average pace is about 55 days per number.** With that data, you should be able to pick the day I’m likely to finish…

* For those New Readers or others who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m playing a game of license-plate solitaire, where I spot the numbers on license plates from 001 to 000 in sequence. Plates like “ABC 991” or “991 ZYX” would count for 991, but “3PK4991” would not. It’s a fun game, and has provided moments of great satisfaction (such as when spotting three sequential plate numbers in one day), but it’s not a fast game. I’ve been playing this round for about fifteen years.

I don’t think I’ll play again.

**But today, I saw 991 and 992!
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Annoyance... GROWING...

Thursday. Still waiting on the WCCA. Makes me really, really wish I didn’t care.

The WCCA site says they are “...releasing the nominees in waves to allow you a chance to take a good look at each and every one.” This sets my teeth on edge, like when some corporation says they’re doing something “to serve you better.” If they’re not ready, I’d rather they just said “Hey, we’re not ready. Sorry.”

ETA: The photocomic finalists are posted! I'm NOT one of them! At least now I know, and I can devote that part of my brain again to wondering if I left the toaster oven on when I left for work...
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