January 14th, 2007

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I've Been Here Before

How many Sunday evenings have I wondered what I did all weekend? Far too many. My Good Intentions for a highly effective Saturday didn’t quite materialize. I dinked about all morning, and a late-afternoon rally finally got the dishes washed and some laundry done.

These were some of my other Weekend Accomplishments:
  • Baked the modeled action figure. He’s ready to paint.
  • Shot and assembled Comic #202.
  • Created a new Vote Incentive comic (Involving a Gypsy wagon, which took much longer than expected).
  • Walked around Mt. Tabor with sanguinity. Sunny day, cold wind.
  • Proofread and sent the first Eldritch Stories issue.
If I had tomorrow as a holiday, well, then I’d really get a lot done...
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