January 11th, 2007

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Wednesday: Posted Comic #200 this morning! The comic’s the only on-time publication of the week. Work continues to be busy. When I got home, I thought to work on the Newsletter. But I spent a fair bit of time validating contest entries, responding to reader comments and approving advertising submissions, all while carrying on two IM conversations. By the time I got all that done, I knew I’d be far better served by having dinner and going to bed.

I am feeling better. But I’m at the stage where I think I’m pretty-close to functional, but I probably don’t have enough perspective. Like when you fall down a well and you’re climbing out and you think “Yeah, only a third of the way to go,” but you’ve actually only gone about 43%? It’s like that. I look forward to the day where I say “Wow! I must have felt really terrible, because I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! I’ll never fall in a well again!”

Later: At least I fell asleep in a reasonable amount of time. I’m sure I’d recover faster if I could get more nights of good rest…
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