January 8th, 2007

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Because My Experience Of This Is SO MUCH Different Than Anyone Else’s


On Sunday, thought I’d merely had a poor night of sleep, and the headache and increasing congestion was just, you know, because of that. Started feeling chilled. Couldn’t get warm, and spent most of the afternoon in bed being comforted by Mr. TV (um, that’s not how it sounds; we’re just friends). Took large amounts of immune-system boosters.

Still, last night, felt crappy, cold. Couldn’t fall asleep. Somewhere around midnight I dozed off, and woke up a few hours later, sweltering, shoving the blankets off me. Felt like I’d sleep for ten minutes, then wake up for an hour, like, twenty times.

Yet, I considered going in to work. I’ll think, “I don’t feel that bad.” But that’s when I’m lying in bed with my eyes closed. Uploading today’s comic was a significant challenge, though, to not wander off to find tissue, water, decongestant, etc., in the middle of the process. Managed to get it all there, and went back to bed for five hours.

Still, the post was missing a URL. Comes of assembling things when I feel ill.

Now I’m tired. Again. Thank goodness I did my grocery shopping over the weekend, so I have food. I hate going to the refrigerator when I’m sick and all I have is mayonnaise and olives. I can have turkey loaf and sweet potatoes. When I feel like eating again. Probably Tuesday...
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