January 7th, 2007

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More Custom Figures...

If you’ve been wondering if I've been working on an art project lately because the webcomic apparently doesn’t consume enough of my life, the answer is Yes!

I wanted to do some custom figures for an upcoming storyline. I started with wire-frame armatures (which sanguinity kindly helped me with), but I decided they weren’t working well enough. The structure and joints for these characters are now being provided by two Frankenstein’s Monster figures I had. The photo shows, from left to right, a base figure, a modeled figure (not yet baked or painted), and Ping, shown for scale comparison.

Blob Sculpting
Click to enlarge.

I’ll probably add a little more detailing in sculpting before I bake (to firm up the Sculpey) and paint them. If I run out of time, I’ll just do the one, and digitally make two or more in the finished photos.

So, that's what I'm doing this weekend...
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