December 30th, 2006

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Friday: Anything Can Happen Day!

I’m reminded of one reason why I’ve taken a hiatus from my column/comic in December: My friends and family have lives beyond the Internets. When I step away from the Web for a couple weeks, I don’t notice that everyone else has as well. For those of you who are still reading my journal, here's Friday's Summary:

BreakfastCollapse )

Searching Through BoxesCollapse )

Making Toys, I mean, Action FiguresCollapse )

Funny MovieCollapse )
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hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

Took The Day Off...

I hadn’t planned on taking today off, but I did. Frittered away the day. It was great, despite a few pangs early on that I really should be getting SOMETHING done.

Went to a Nerdulon gathering late afternoon; grrlpup and sanguinity were there. We talked about bookherd and kr8vkat, ziptie, their parents, their dog L, and others.

Then shopping, home again, and dinner! Now... work or TV?
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