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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

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Your Opinion Matters!
After posting a whole bunch of ads via Project Wonderful, I got to thinking about allowing ads for other webcomics on my site. And I want to know what you think about that! If you have an opinion (and who doesn't?), click here to go to the poll!

Current Mood: just thinkin'
I just didn’t feel like going in to work today, so I didn’t. (How many times does one get to say that phrase?) Instead, I worked on webcomic stuff, went grocery shopping and then over to sanguinity’s house. It was very nice. We had tea and Christmas Cookies, at a small table in the living room, with a stuffed animal in the third chair (I didn’t catch his/her name). We also took L for a walk, which he seemed to think was a fine idea. He even demonstrated how he was a Good Dog, by not lunging at every quadruped we passed.

The main purpose of my visit, however, was to talk about Wikis for the Project Exchange. However, in discussing Requirements, it seems that a Wiki isn’t the best resource available. A Wiki would allow several people to update the pages, but wouldn’t support easy viewing of tasks across users (you’d have to look at each page individually). sanguinity suggested Hiveminder, which is a free online task manager. I also found RememberTheMilk. So now I’m comparing features and layout. If you want to help beta-test, set up an account at one or both, and let me know your ID. We’ll try setting up shared Lists/Tasks and see how well it works!

Current Mood: busy

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