December 26th, 2006

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Boxing Day!

In case you’re American and don’t know about Boxing Day, it’s a holiday where the British upper class would bundle up their leftovers from the Christmas feast, take them into the village and enjoy a day of watching the lower classes compete for those scraps in bare-knuckle fist fights, which eventually became the modern sport of Boxing.*

Christmas Day itself was actually fairly productive for me, which makes up for being so sluggish the three days prior. Some of that productivity was such exciting things as laundry, dishes and defrosting my refrigerator! I spent time trying to unpack more of the kitchen boxes, but I keep bumping up against the sheer lack of cabinet space. I did split out the boxes of non-perishable food from those of utensils, cookware and dishes.

Eventually, I got frustrated, and spent a couple hours bidding on ad spaces for my comic on Project Wonderful. One can bid $0.00/day for a spot, and if no other bid is active, you get free advertising. A whole bunch of other people’s bids are expiring at the end of the year, so I’m catching the spaces between paying bidders. Seems to be working; while the total visitor count was low over the weekend, I got a high page-view-to-visitor ratio yesterday from people clicking those links on other comic sites, and then reading through the comic archive.

Now I’m trying to decide when I’m going to go into work. I doubt that there will be much for me. I’ve attempted to check my voice mail, but for some reason it’s not liking my mailbox/password combination. So if I go in to find I have no messages, but then spend an hour fixing it so I can check voicemail remotely, I guess I can get paid for that hour. I never did get the Client’s email system to forward to my home email. There’s no technical reason the system CAN’T do it, I’m assuming it WON’T, probably for security purposes. So I get to drive to Northwest to find out there’s not much for me to do. On the plus side, I can do my grocery shopping, so it’s not a total waste...

* Or something. I could look it up, but Research is Hard. Maybe they’d sit in boxes all day. Oh, wait, that’s the cats...**

** Before you post comments explaining Boxing Day, I do know what it is. I'm just messing with you...
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