November 26th, 2006

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Thursday, November 23, 2006 – Thanksgiving!

Spent much of the day faffling about, intermittently working on Friday's Comic (new characters, lots of props, significant digital manipulation; it took a long time.)

I'd done my Thanksgiving grocery shopping on Tuesday, so I wouldn’t be fighting the Wednesday-evening crowds. New Seasons provided cooked turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and a vegan pumpkin pie (using tofu instead of eggs, which seem to mess me up a bit). drarwenchicken and BILJ were heading to Eugene for his family gathering, so I prepared for a holiday alone. And not in a feel-sorry-for-myself sort of way; I’m talking four days of Solitude Time! FOUR DAYS! The thought of a solo Thanksgiving put me in a Very Good Mood. (If you’re not an Inveterate Introvert, you may not understand this reaction.)

But all that changed: sanguinity and grrlpup invited me to have Thanksgiving Dinner at their house! My only responsibility was salad, so I had to make a Thursday-morning return to the store (not too crowded, thankfully). Then there was the matter of Pies. Their oven heating element died (as mentioned here and here), so I volunteered the kitchen upstairs for cooking. The turkey was roasted at leboyfriend’s, and sanguinity and grrlpup came here to prep pies (mincemeat and pumpkin), leaving me to bake and bring them (both of which I managed to do without sampling on the way).

Dinner was great. Everything was delicious, and we followed it with the Buffy Musical “Once Again, With Feeling.” I’ve been humming the songs since. Stayed up way too late, but it was well worth it.

leboyfriend wasn't feeling well later that evening. I hope you're feeling better, leboyfriend!
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Saturday, November 25, 2006 – I Stay Home, Mostly

Worked all morning on the video. Was busy with it when the doorbell rang. It was our Neighbor, who was looking for BILJ’s father. He looked at my rumpled hair and penguin-and-polar-bear pajamas, and asked “Did I wake you up?” I’d gotten up about six hours earlier, but why change out of one’s pajamas when one doesn’t have to?

I could have stayed at home all day if I hadn’t wanted to get lottery tickets before the Saturday night drawing. Bargained with myself to not do any grocery shopping, since I’d rather go when the stores open on Sunday. Finished the video in the early afternoon, and sent it off to the composer to be scored (yes, it’s going to have a score written for it! Is that cool, or what?).

Despite only being part way through my long list of Things To Do, I took the evening off, and spent some more time working my way through TV shows I’d videotaped before I moved. That was pretty good. Makes me feel like I’m having a vacation, and not just a long weekend that gets filled with chores and busy activities.
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Sunday – Last Day of Vacation

Had to script and assemble Monday’s comic today; it ended up being quite different from where I’d started out. Every time I do a comic and think “This makes me snicker, but nobody else is going to find this funny,” I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow. I also realized that it takes a while to read through the Comic Archive now. I know that shouldn’t be surprising, since we’ll be at 181 comics on Monday. At this pace, I’ll hit #200 in January.

At 1:18 p.m., I got a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was grrlpup. She’d parked her car by Reed College to go for a run, but left the headlights on. She asked if it was convenient for me to come jump-start her car? Well, when I get a call like that, the answer is “Of course!” I went, did the bit with the jumper cables, got an appreciative hug, and was back at my computer before thirty minutes had elapsed.

Now it’s no longer Holiday time, it’s an evening before a Work Day. It went by too quickly, and there are still things on the List of Things To Do. But that’s pretty much a constant state, so no big deal. I know it really wasn’t a vacation, but I was glad for four days away from work.
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