November 21st, 2006

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Orycon – She Flies With Her Own Fairy Wings

My experience of Orycon averages out to a B-, perhaps a C+. I don’t go to very many conventions, so I can’t compare it to others; it may have been the Best SF/F Convention EVAR. I just didn’t get so much from it.

I think I’d have a terrific time if I attended with a bunch of friends, or was up on what’s happening in Science Fiction and Fantasy, or really into gaming, or much better at striking up conversations with Random Strangers. While there, I had a constant suspicion that there was a room where all the Cool Kids were hanging out and having Big Happy Fun Time, but I just couldn’t find it. So I wandered from the presentations through the lobby, from the Game Area to Hospitality, past the Art Show and Dealer Room, and they were always filled with throngs of people I didn’t know. There were costumes to see and stuff happening, but aside from a few exceptions, I didn’t latch onto anything and say “Yes, this is exactly where I want to be!”

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There were several things that brought up the grade:
  • lenser came by and visited Friday afternoon.
  • MaryRobbinetteKowal (of was there, and I got to chat with her. (She’s a writer and the best Icelandic Puppeteer I know). I attended her presentation on readings and a panel discussion about blogging.
  • I would have sworn Lucy Lawless showed up in a Xena costume, but it was one of the attendees, a physical trainer taking advantage of her similarity of appearance. I got a photo. (Unfortunately, she’s married.)
  • The space next to R’s booth was used for coffee in the morning, then was empty the rest of the day except for a chair and a table with a black tablecloth. So I sat there much of the time (there wasn’t much free space in R’s booth). Someone had lost a red 1” fluff ball on the floor, so I set it in the middle of the otherwise empty table, with a $349.95 price tag. That got a lot of chuckles from the people wandering past.
  • The best part was when one of the guests did a double take at my shirt, and said “I read your comic!” He shook my hand, and asked if his friend could take a picture of us. The answer was “Of COURSE!” That part had me grinning for quite a while.
All this gave me some more insights for my upcoming “Attending a Convention” post. This will help when I go to more such events in 2007. So even if this one wasn’t the most productive, I think it will help make future ones even more successful.
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