November 15th, 2006

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If You’d Like Be Productive, Please Go To Sleep and Wake Up Again…

Been sleepy lately. Not awake enough during the day, yet not asleep enough at night. For example, two trains went by last night, and I kept myself from being woken up by their horns by waking up spontaneously several minutes before each one passed. I’m not sure that skill is so very helpful.

It also doesn’t help that work has swung back to Slow Mode. Sitting at my desk, I’ll realize that I’m merely staring at the computer screen, and have been doing that for several minutes while listening to the dial tone in my head, which doesn’t get the beep alarm that precedes the “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and dial again” message.

I will work Orycon, after all. I hadn’t heard from R, not surprisingly, so I called her at work (and got to talk to Nenslo), then reached her at home. This will give me a chance to practice the objectives on my currently unpublished List of Things To Do For A Convention that I learned from Stumptown Comics Fest. Item #1 is getting adequate sleep. Right now, I feel like the best I could do would be to stare mournfully at the attendees streaming past. (This might be a good strategy, if I can convince people that I’m pretending to be a zombie.)
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