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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, November 6th, 2006

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I forgot to mention a couple things about the Funky Door coffee shop… The tables and walls are done with old doors painted varying colors. Not exactly high-end décor, but good use of inexpensive found materials. But my favorite part was a line of clocks high up on the wall, with names of cities underneath: I think they were Gresham, Portland and Hillsboro. sanguinity pointed out this array because she thought I’d be amused by the fact that they all show the same time. She was right.

Earthquake! Had another trembler last night; 9:34. As I visited with Mr. Television, the room jolted sideways once with a low “whump!”, and trembled very briefly. I imagine it sounded much like a truck slamming into the house, except for the lack of shattering walls and falling objects. As earthquakes go, it was fairly small; a 2.7 (with a 2.0 from the East German judge). They mentioned again on the news that The Big Subduction Quake is coming. When, you ask? No one knows. Apparently not today.

Today, it took me almost 90 minutes to drive from Montgomery Park to Milwaukie. I think the heavy rains started things slowing, and traffic just never caught back up. There were deep puddles at the turn-off from the Ross Island Bridge and going into Milwaukie; deep enough so I wasn't sure my car had enough clearance. I don't mind the rain, but sucky traffic like that I can do without.

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