November 5th, 2006

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Finished Monday’s comic. I’d started on it Saturday, but it still took several hours (five characters with dialog, sound effects, a video game and stunts!). Then I set to working on the Newsletter. I got stuck when I was trying to assemble the image for the letter. I needed to borrow Professor Boffin’s lab coat, but I couldn’t find him. I went though all the boxes I thought had action figures & accessories. That vexed me; there are too many things I need to do that start with “First, go though the boxes and find the materials you need.”

Met sanguinity & grrlpup for a Write-In at the Funky Door, a small coffee place nobody’s ever heard of on Holgate. When the place closed at 4:00, we went back to their house, where sanguinity baked kale. Really. If you tear kale into small pieces and bake it until it becomes crunchy, it’s actually a tasty treat. And I’m not making this up!

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. As I walked across the parking lot, I realized I didn’t mind the pouring rain. The rain had been bothering me for the last couple days, and I was concerned that I’d not be happy with the Oregon winter this year. But today, it seemed all familiar again. We'll see how that lasts over the next six months...
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