November 4th, 2006

hat, tophat, Evan, 2019

The Road Less Taken...

Faced with a choice today:
A) Buy a dozen VooDoo Doughnuts, photograph them, then give them away to my writer friends at the NaNo Write-In on Hawthorne?
Or B) Clean the bathroom?

I know, you’d think the answer would be OBVIOUS, but I chose the Grown Up path, and spent the morning cleaning. Washing dishes. Gaining some control of the clutter that has been spreading on all flat surfaces in my apartment like humus on the forest floor. And giving the bathroom serious scrubbing (we're talking rubber-gloves-and-eye-protection harsh chemicals cleaning). Yeah, it was like that.

I’ve been promising myself I’d do these chores for weeks. And while I really wanted to go hang out with my friends, I just knew that it would consume much of the day, and that would leave Sunday for shopping, assembling Monday’s comic and next week’s Newsletter. As they say, Delayed Gratification Is Its Own Reward.

In Other News: I just bought some 5,000K (shouldn’t that be 5KK?) compact fluorescent lightbulbs on eBay for my photowebcomicry! This may not seems so exciting to you, but these lights have lots of Kelvins in them, which means they’ll emit a truer white light than your household incandescents. This will make my webcomic better, especially during the winter months when I have fewer opportunities to take photos with sunlight.

Since I was so diligent today, I suspect tomorrow will have some Goofing Off in it...