October 28th, 2006

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Stumptown Report #1

Stumptown is only 1/3 over, but it’s already been well worth the price of admission! As I’d hoped, the place was busy but not too full, so I had more leisure to talk with artists, writers, sellers and publishers. I gave out cards to people I talked to, and a few buttons to those who had read my comic already. People have been very friendly and have offered some great suggestions for contacts and resources. I was particularly pleased to chat with Chris Yates of Reprographics and David Malki! of Wondermark (Colleen AF Venable of Fluff In Brooklyn couldn’t make it, but she responded so nicely to my email, so she gets a link, too!).

If I'd put in an application when I first learned of Stumptown, I could have gotten an Exhibitor table, but I'm glad I chose not to. I've not been to a comics show before, so I would have been guessing about what to present (and frankly, where would I have had the time in the past month to set everything up?). I'm finding value in observing what seems to work and what doesn't in how the different artists and writers present their materials and themselves. I'll try to post my thoughts when this is over (and I realize that my perspective is of a forty-something webcomic artist, and not necessarily the most common demographic of the show's attendees).

Anyway, time to print a whole bunch more cards and get ready to head back there. I hope you're having a grand weekend!
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