October 16th, 2006

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Wherein I Feel Like a Writer...

Wow, oh wow! Just got back from the “No Plot, No Problem” event at Powell’s. And, not surprisingly, I’m all fired up! Thankfully, it’s not “I must write a NaNo this year!” but Must. Finish. Novel! Chris Baty is awesome. He’s not the most polished speaker, but he exudes enthusiasm. He’s a perfect spokesman for getting people excited about writing a novel.

Got to see Dunx (kissiltur) and The Librarian and ah and other NaNo friends! And had a couple cool moments; as I was giving one Friend of a Friend a card for my comic, he said “Oh yeah, I’ve seen this!” He’d gotten there from Alien Loves Predator.

But the #1 Moment was before the event started. I’m sitting in the audience and Chris Baty walks over to shake my hand and says “Hey, I saw you come in, and I wanted to say hi!” I know it’s not like there are thousands of NaNo people in Portland, but I was pleased that he remembered me! (Plus, I scored a whole bunch of Cool Points with those seated around me.) I gave him a signed copy of Comic #170, which hasn’t been published yet, but it’s the first of five NaNo-themed comics that will be posted in November. Made me really glad I took the time on Sunday to put it together. :-)

So, we'll see if this energy lasts beyond tonight, but I really do want to finish this novel. Time to set some goals....
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