October 14th, 2006

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Carefully-Controlled Chaos

Have you ever thought “Now that I’ve taken my sister to the airport for an early-morning flight and then went and bought tires, I’d really like to go photograph Pittock Mansion in the fog, but it wouldn’t be as much fun by myself, who can I get to go with me?” No? Well, I have, and when I returned home to get my camera, I checked to see if sanguinity was online, and a few IMs later, I was on my way to pick up her and grrlpup.

I was right; it was more fun with company! I took four dozen photos, including one of a wedding party that looked definitely NOT in a party mood, being out in the damp in formal wear for fogged-in wedding photos. grrlpup was very patient while sanguinity and I discussed agent simulation and programming languages, but we all pitched in on how bees communicate, Biosphere II and the PBS reality-show “Edwardian House” "Manor House". ETA: (A modern family must live and act as a rich family in 1905 Edwardian England. Apparently they had trouble keeping Scullery Maids, because life for a Scullery Maid back then sucked. And even with contemporary sensibilities, those at the top of the show's social ladder thought everyone was happy with the Way Things Are. Fascinating...)

The rest of the day was boring stuff: Errands, shopping, and assembling Comic 163 for Monday. But since the Pittock Mansion trip was so enjoyable, I’ll be sure to schedule more spontaneous events in the future.
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