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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

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August, and a Link Already...
I try keep this blog focused on my life, and not just be a collection of links to items I find interesting/amusing (and believe me, the ratio of amusements I find on the web to what I post links to here is about a gazillion to one), but as we'd say back in Arizona, this plumb tickled my fancy: Star Wars Theme On A Banjo. (Trivia: I tried to learn to play the banjo from a DIY Instructional Book. I no longer own a banjo.)

Current Mood: Still laughing
Changes, Part I – The Move Begins
Spent a bigger chunk of the day with drarwenchicken than I had expected, but that’s okay. She was packing. Their house closes soon, and she’s in charge of Putting Stuff In Containers. BILJ is in charge of Getting Stuff From This Place To That Place. I put books and bedding into bins (accidental alliteration, actually). So I haven’t worked on my query letter, newsletter and comic as intended. But she bought me lunch, so it worked out fine.

Current Mood: helpy

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