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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, July 17th, 2006

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Cool By Association
I have amazing friends. They tend to be very creative; writers, artists, sculptors, actors and such, and they do fascinating things. Here’s a small sampling of recent events, just for example:

  • Gilead was “Local Artists Guest of Honor” at Leprecon 32.
  • justslm made me a 1:6 scale raptor-head hunting trophy with a 3D printer(!), and did a gorgeous job painting it.
  • berber_in_pdx won 2nd place at the PNWA Conference in the Nonfiction/Memoir Category.
  • The Librarian spent four weeks on a tall ship (we’re pretty sure she wasn’t shanghaied, but we still lack proof).
And today I got a CD in the mail from nmaki, who made it just because:

CD Case
Click to enlarge.

Is this AWESOME Y/N!?!! Even the envelope (held by Trevor) is decorated. I’m listening to the mix as I write this, and it’s great. Thanks, nmaki!

Is it any wonder that I try to do interesting things, so I can keep up?

Current Mood: bouncy

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