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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

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States I've Been In

As the subject says, this map shows the US states that I've been in. I haven't included the ones where I've only landed at an airport (like Texas), or have only ridden through on a bus (like Nevada. I've spent many hours in Nevada on the bus going from Arizona to Oregon and back, but I don't feel like I've really BEEN there). You might think that I could have walked to Louisiana via New Mexico and Oklahoma, except it's a long jump over that corner of Texas, but no. They were different trips, years apart. And no, I didn't go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras. I went to Monroe.

I'm rather tired, having slept very poorly last night due to the heat (even with the AC), so this is about as clever as I'm going to be for LJ posts today. No news on the job yet. I'll keep you posted!

Current Mood: tired

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