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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, June 19th, 2006

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Yes, I am an American. Why?
Apparently there's some sort of big soccer tournament going on in Germany. Has anybody heard about this?

Current Mood: I'm kidding, of course
Must Have Picked Up a Case of That ADD...
This morning, I had a series of tasks to do before I could go out to the Post Office, bank and grocery store. So I’d start in on one, and then decide to go check my email. Or there’d be a comment on LJ that I’d start typing a response to, but then wander off half-way through, and see if there was something in the kitchen that needed to be eaten. I’d find the LJ comment twenty minutes later, patiently waiting to be completed, and that whole time I hadn’t made any progress on my list.

I did make a square button that looks like my new LJ icon, and got some gifts sent out in the mail, and finally finished the newsletter for tomorrow and just now wrapped up Wednesday’s comic. Not a bad day, but instead of a forward march, it was more like Brownian Motion down the field.

Current Mood: bemused

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