June 5th, 2006

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Wherein I Was An Artist

Oh, god, so much to do. Spent much of the morning working on comic script, and got almost three weeks worth. That’s good; I sank down on the escalator to barely being one step ahead, and I wanted to get away from writing and assembling the comic on the day before it posts. There’s some good stuff (I want to share it with you NOW!), but it will have to wait for later this month.

And I’ve been remiss: I went to the Alameda Art Auction last Wednesday, and didn’t mention the results. Apparently they made a whole bunch of money, but what’s important is that my print SOLD! It had a couple bids, and went for $30! Am I pleased? You bet!

I was hanging around the cashier table waiting to say hi to B (she organized it, so she was busy until practically everyone else left), when I heard her say, “Would you like to meet the artist? He’s standing right over there.” And she points to me. One of the students bought my piece, and so I went over and shook hands with him and his Mom, and congratulated him on his auction win. He seemed a little in awe (I get that a lot), but it was pretty cool to be the Artist To Meet.
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