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So, What's All This Then?
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Sunday, May 21st, 2006

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Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining...
My first attempt at this entry was postponed when the storm passed by and the air smelled of rain. Oregon rain so rarely has a scent; it’s just... there. The smell of rain reminded me of Arizona, where you could see the storm clouds approaching, and then suddenly it’s pouring and a few minutes later, the clouds are floating away across the sky. And there was lightning! I turned off the lights and watched the rain and flickers in the distance. It felt a little dangerous to sit right by the window; a sense memory from being uncomfortably close to lightning strikes in the past. It never came near, though. I did power Douglas down while the storm passed by. (Yes, I have a surge protector, but why take chances?) And it was too much fun to watch the storm...

Current Mood: pleased

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