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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

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Today started out slowly, but was a marked improvement over yesterday. On Tuesday, frustrated by the webhost problems, I was thinking seriously of putting the contest on hold, but I’d decided not to decide while I was feeling crummy. So I made the call this morning, and had to change everything to shut it down. Then I uploaded Comic #104 (I must say, I’m exceedingly happy with that comic; I’ll try not to go on about it). I will say that I’d been churning on how the story should flow over the next few weeks, and a reader comment gave me an idea, which pulled things together. But by the time I shot and assembled Comic #105, did the drawing for the contest and notified the winner, sent out the newsletter and updated the website, made a trip to the grocery and washed a round of dishes, I was done for the day. If you average that out over the last two days, it’s not so great, but I don’t feel so bad about getting nothing done yesterday.

Current Mood: better

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