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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

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Seriously, Though, I Love My Parents
I imagine this scene, back on the day I was born. My parents gaze down at me as I sleep, not even a day old:
G: Years from now, when he’s grown up, he’ll take pictures of dolls and post them on the Internet. (sobs quietly)
DW: What’s the Internet?
G: I don’t know. It’s only 1962, and they haven’t even faked the Moon Landings yet.
DW: Oh, well. Maybe we can use him for spare parts or something.*
Here we are, years later, and if my parents feel crushing regret over my lifestyle choices, they hide it well. They’ve even described my writings as “funny.” Fortunately my younger brother has provided them with grandchildren, as the chances are slim that I’ll ever find a woman willing to date a Webcomic Artist.

And in two weeks, my parents will arrive for a week-long visit, during which time my sister will get married. I’ve known this will happen for a while, but I just got off the phone with my mother. She had some logistical questions, and the reality of it all kinda hit. They’ll be here in two weeks! I’ve got so much to do before then. Oy.

*Note: My parents have neither confirmed nor denied that this conversation ever took place.

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