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So, What's All This Then?
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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

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A Writing Day
A good day. Recent poor sleep caused a slow start, but having everything all lined up helped. I sent out the newsletter and started in on my novel. I found myself getting tired, and decided to go for a vigorous walk to wake myself up. It worked, but the UPS person came while I was out, and left only the post-it tag on the door saying I had to sign for the package in person. So, I’ll hang around at home tomorrow during the specified time range. I’m excited; it should be the order of plain t-shirts that will become Contest Prizes! w00t!

Then I wrote. And posted a chapter. It was a struggle, though; it took all afternoon to sculpt about 1,200 words. And much of that was globbing together several false starts of Chapter 37 into one reasonably-coherent whole. But I felt like I’m back on track, and that was pretty damn good.

And I remembered just how great it feels to write and to have written.

Current Mood: writerly

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