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So, What's All This Then?
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Saturday, April 29th, 2006

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Publisher vexed me today. It appears to be more WYSIPMWYG* than WYSIWYG, leading to the frustration. A difference of 3/16th of an inch isn’t a problem for most documents, but when one is using those pre-scored business card forms, one wants to print five cards, each exactly 2” tall. Otherwise the print image creeps across the target rectangle, and by the time the printer reaches the bottom of the page, the picture is crossing the edge of the card. I don’t like wasting paper and ink on test sheets, but it’s even worse to load the card stock into the printer and have four of the ten images coloring outside the lines.

Anyway, I printed up a bunch of these to give to Gilead so he can hand them out at LepreCon (I said I’d do this, remember?). They look like this:

Ask Dr. Eldritch Business Card Trevor Troll
(Click to enlarge)

*What You See Is Pretty Much What You Get

Current Mood: tired
The Fun Part of the day was one of our increasingly misnamed Write-Ins. grrlpup did some writing, but sanguinity and I talked about all sorts of things for hours. And as we sat in the cheery embrace of the coffee shop, the rain came back. They very kindly gave me a ride home. As I sat inside, I could hear the rain pattering on the windows; a sound I quite enjoy. The sunny spring days here are wonderful, but there's something great about being comfortably at home and listening to serious rainfall. I'd like to say I got a bunch written, but today I walked in the sun, had a sociable visit and enjoyed coming in out of the rain. I'm not complaining.

Current Mood: serene

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