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So, What's All This Then?
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Thursday, April 27th, 2006

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You Will Be Assimilated!
I’ve returned to the loving embrace of Microsoft Office. It will take a little while to get all the Toolbars and Options and Preferences set the way I like them again (and turn off that damn PaperClip), but I can mitigate those annoyances much more easily than those that OpenOffice was giving me. I don’t object to the concept of OpenOffice; I rather like the idea. What vexes me are all the ways those apps almost do what the Microsoft counterparts do, but are just a little different. And how Writer reformatted all the tables in my comic script document to be wider than the page, so the text spills off the right side. Imagine my delight.

The other good thing is that I have Publisher again. OpenOffice didn’t have a comparable program, so I can once again open and use the dozens of Publisher documents I’ve created over the years. Business cards, letterhead, greeting cards, label sheets, posters; and I can create new ones too! First up are some cards that Gilead can hand out at LepreCon next week.

I know using Microsoft products is akin to dealing with the Forces of Evil, but at least I can do cool desktop publishing projects again.

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