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So, What's All This Then?
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Monday, April 24th, 2006

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More Family Time!
I had a bit of an Introvert Moment when drarwenchicken called to ask if I could come over this morning. After a full weekend (both busy and frequently surrounded by people), I'd been looking forward to a day spent writing, and I just knew joining in the Family Activities would eat up most of that time.

But I went. My mother and I walked in Mt. Tabor Park and had one of those conversations that range far and wide; books, swimming pools, artwork, residual pesticides, and of course, family stuff. Then we met up with my sister and J at the Red Wing Cafe for lunch. drarwenchicken had planned on taking G to the train station, but she asked if I was willing to do it. I was actually pleased that there were problems with the track between Seattle and Portland; it meant the Coast Starlight would originate from Portland, and therefore depart on time. So I got to wave farewell as she was boarding the train at the station.

I didn't get nearly as much written today as I'd hoped. And in a month, my parents will stay a week with me for my sister's wedding. We'll get lots of time to visit. But you never know. I wouldn't want it to be an opportunity to spend time together that I regretted not taking. I had a great day, and I'm glad it all worked out as it did.

Current Mood: tired

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