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So, What's All This Then?
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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

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I think I saw a Postal Groupie today. As I was out walking, I passed a mail carrier doing his route. A woman tagged along behind him. She'd wait on the sidewalk while he went up to each house, then she'd follow him to the next one, talking all the while. I briefly considered trailing along behind them, but they might think that was weird.

As I returned a book to the library, the staff-only entrance door was propped open. On the inside of the door, a spot we Non-Librarians normally never see, was a big sign that said “CYBER SENIORS.” Is this some sort of secret library elder-cyborg program? It's brilliant; instead of building autonomous robots, merge machines with retired people who have nothing better to do! Well, I for one, welcome our new Robo-Geriatric Librarian Overlords.

The rest of my day was fairly normal. I photographed doughnuts and bid on a 7” rubber octopus. A pretty good day, really.

Current Mood: pleased

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